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Image by Mike Kenneally

Protect the Pickers Campaign

picker in raincoat.jpeg

The Challenge

Coffee pickers are often the most undervalued workers in the coffee industry, yet they are the ones that provide the hardest labor of the coffee value chain; they harvest it by picking every single coffee cherry by hand.   Imagine walking all day in steep, wet terrain, with a basket "cajuela" around your waist, picking coffee under the rain.  Now imagine not having a raincoat or boots to protect yourself from the weather.   Creatively and courageously enough, the pickers wrap themselves in plastic bags improvising their own protective gear.   

The Solution

We believe pickers deserve better than that.  We believe ethical business practices require uplifting everyone involved in the value chain. We invite you to join us in providing the pickers with the proper rain gear.  Help us make a positive impact by donating towards the purchase of raincoats and boots  We will buy  the gear locally in Costa Rica and deliver it to the pickers personally at no additional cost

picker in plastic bags.jpeg

Donate Now!

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Rain Jacket

Rain Boots

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