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change creating change

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This is about YOU and I
About turning from consumers into heroes
About everyone in the industry becoming the solution
About giving back and investing in the future of coffee farming
About solving the coffee crisis

Our Mission

To improve the livelihood of Coffee Farmers and the sustainability of their farms by providing FREE green soil inputs


A digital and traceable direct contribution flow from the coffee industry and conscious consumers to the Farmers


  1. Existing technology collects contributions pledged by participants.

  2. Green soil inputs are purchased via electrocnic and traceable orders.

  3. Farmers use a personalized QR Code to pick up free inputs at their nearest Agri-store.


  1. Economic Impact: Relieve Farmers of 30-35% of cost of production

  2. Environmental Impact: Green soil inputs help restore the soil

  3. Production Impact:

Good soil nutrition = Better yield +

Healthy farm

A Practical Solution

If the possibilities of providing coffee producers with a 30% increase in income, restoring their land with green soil nutrition, and helping them meet the growing demand for coffee, sounds too good to be true, it’s not. But it can’t happen with the pricing structures currently in place. 

The Coffee Change Fund can turn the coffee pricing crisis on its head. It can be the much-needed triple antidote that can reverse the pricing cancers threatening the livelihood of millions of small coffee farmers around the globe. 

Let me share my story and tell you how this process will work. By the time you read this article you will be a part of a very small, but growing group of people who have heard of an “upside down” solution to the coffee pricing crisis.

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